Robbery products

A range of robbery products, including posters, forms, and signs can be licensed to organizations. Products can be customized and reproduced to prevent robberies and to create staff awareness.

Crime prevention and increased offender arrests: Police Services may apply to tailor and reproduce to provide an Identification system for public use. Inquiries to: [email protected]

Robbery products
  • Door height marker Signs & Labels Door height marker Tri-colored sticker to be fitted to doors to assist staff to recall a suspect or robber's height USD 2.95
  • Police notification label Signs & Labels Police notification label Specifically designed for employees to communicate accurate information to Security and Police when reporting a robbery. USD 4.95
  • Robbery cops poster Poster Robbery cops poster Size A4. Uniquely designed to enable the right staff response when confronted by a robber. Provides staff with the ability to cope with with the adrenaline factor, a dangerous element during a robbery USD 14.95
  • Robbery identification form Booklets & Forms Robbery identification form A pad of 20 leaves for staff and the public to complete after a robbery that will assist law enforcement in the apprehension of the perpetrator. Ban Crime Global / 20 pages USD 8.95
  • Robbery identification poster Poster Robbery identification poster Size A4. Specifically designed for staff to enhance their ability to collect identifying information of suspects and offenders that will assist the Police USD 14.95
  • Robbery procedures poster Poster Robbery procedures poster Size A4. Created for staff to quickly recall what to do 'before', during' and 'after a robbery. A great way to keep the training alive for staff on a daily basis USD 14.95
  • Safe locked notice Signs & Labels Safe locked notice Designed to notify the public that the safe is closed and locked to staff. A deterrent to robbers thinking of committing a robbery. USD 4.95