About Ban Crime Global

About Ban Crime Global

Ban Crime Global Limited, evolved from Murtagh Training Consultants and BTC Training, established in the late eighties, specializing in armed robbery survival training. It is now part of the Train Me Global Limited group of companies.

Today, armed robbery accounts for over one third of all serious crime reported. For the last 25 years we have specialized in robbery survival skills training. Development and research over this time ensures that our robbery survival training maintains exceptional industry practices.

Committed to maximizing the safety of people globally, Ban Crime Global has now released an online delivery platform. This cutting edge technology is used to deliver our online training to anyone and anywhere, 24/7.

About TEAMS™

TEAMS™ is a comprehensive Learning Management System that provides a software platform for organizations and publishers to have people trained online. The software is compatible with I-Pads, touch screens, I-phones and current day browsers.

TEAMS™, (Training Evaluation Audit Management Software) provides organizations with cutting edge software that allows for the highest quality of online presentations.

Our marketing studio assists our clients to develop customized online programs in a variety of training topics. The technology enables organizations to efficiently and effectively maximize their staffs online learning.