• “Clubs New Zealand is proud to be in partnership with Ban Crime Global. This partnership has allowed us to provide our 300 Member Clubs and their 3800 staff across New Zealand, valuable online Armed Robbery Survival Skills tailored especially for our clubs. Our Member Clubs struggle to get their staff to travel away for this type of training but now we are finding that this high quality online training is the convenient way to train staff, especially when time is not on your side.”

    Larry Graham, CEO Clubs New Zealand Incorporated

    CEO Clubs New Zealand Incorporated
  • “The online training provided visual entertainment mixed with learning. The different forms of learning - written, visual and audio really impacted on my ability to stay focused. After completing the training, I will be more alert and I will practice remaining calm for every situation” – Maddison Nievaart, Travel Money – WA”

    Maddison Nievaart, Travel Money - WA

    Travel Money - WA
  • “I have worked with and known Mike over the last 20 years in my various training roles. I would highly recommend Mike and his company to anyone wanting to train their people in how to best deal and stay safe in a robbery. Mike is always innovating and looking at ways to get the message out to as many companies as possible and his robbery online course is first class.”

    Roger Simpson, Director - Productivity Increase Group

    Director - Productivity Increase Group
  • “I actually found all areas useful, but more the areas of what to do during the robbery and how to recover. This was very interesting because we are not usually familiarized in such areas and then panic during the situation.”

    Ivoire Charles, Travel Money USA and Canada

    Travel Money USA and Canada
  • “Mike’s training and product has helped BP save many thousands of dollars over the past 2 years. It has certainly increased the vigilance of staff whose description of offenders and suspects has greatly assisted the Police in apprehending them. A must for every business.”

    Wayne Moore, Retail Training Manager, BP Australia

    Retail Training Manager, BP Australia
  • “During the robbery I felt sure I could handle it okay. It was scary, but I followed everything I’d learned on the seminar. It is thanks to that, that nothing horrible happened - the Police caught the guy soon after.”

    Debbie Milne, Teller, Westpac Banking Corporation

    Teller, Westpac Banking Corporation
  • “On behalf of the Detroit Police Department, I would like to thank you for sharing the Armed Robbery Training. I have reviewed the Robbery Survival Skills training and find the material to be worthwhile. I applaud your efforts to increase awareness of crime prevention.”

    Erick E Barnes, Deputy Chief, Detroit Police

    Deputy Chief, Detroit Police
  • “On attending the Armed Robbery Seminar, I realized just how unprepared I would have been, had a robbery happened. After completing the course I now feel mentally prepared to handle a hold-up. Mike is a brilliant speaker, the course content was top quality and I recommend and encourage everyone who could ever be in a hold-up situation to attend. Well worth the money - 10 out of 10.”

    Michelle Ellis, Training Officer, Uni-Credit Union Ltd

    Training Officer, Uni-Credit Union Ltd
  • “I saw two guys come belting out of the Post Office. They had obviously robbed the place. I described the criminals to the Police using Mike’s ID. system. This allowed the Police to catch the bandits five minutes later.”

    Angus Stewart, Manager, Shell Service Station

    Manager, Shell Service Station
  • “The value of this training has been reinforced following the recent robbery at one of our outlets. The counselor who spoke to the staff involved in the hold-up, reported that it was very clear that the training provided had been of tremendous support to these staff! The importance and value of training in this area has been effectively established, and will, for this Credit Union be ongoing.”

    Carol Gillam, Queensland Teachers Credit Union Limited

    Queensland Teachers Credit Union Limited
  • ““The videos helped immensely... it helped to put myself in the situation, be shocked initially and then consciously overcome my reactions. I could imagine talking myself through the situation after seeing the robberies actually take place.””

    Jennifer Worsfold, Partridge Jewellers

    Partridge Jewellers
  • ““The "realness" of the examples making it easy to see it how could happen in my workplace. The emphasis on being prepared and giving practical advice””

    Gus McIntosh, Nelson City Council

    Nelson City Council