Robbery protection and safety for your family

Facing a robber without training is like playing Russian Roulette with your life. Maximize your safety and that of your family's by completing this training. It can protect you from death, injury and trauma that may ruin your life. Over 500,000 people trained globally.

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Watch video footage of a live armed robbery

Robbery survival skills for everyday life

The online robbery survival skills course is immediately available, 24/7. Highly interactive and user friendly, the course shows live robberies, instructional videos, case studies, assessments and issues a certificate on the successful completion of the course. With some courses, you can also download a workbook that will aid to keep the training alive.

In the U.S., it is estimated that 18% of all workplace homicides are robbery related. People die; suffer horrendous injuries and trauma that leave victims and their families devastated for life. There is much more to a violent confrontation than most people realize. For example, the adrenaline surge experienced during an armed robbery can cause people to ‘act before they think,’ an extremely dangerous element.

Research shows that the first 3 seconds will determine weather the person being robbed will live, die or be seriously injured.

Learning skills that will help you remain calm, control adrenaline; maintain your body movement and how to communicate are vital components to maximizing your survival.

Recognized globally by governments and international organizations, the successful completion of the course is a valuable addition to any C.V or resume.

If you are unable to pay for the course you may be able to apply for a free code through our public grant system. Please email: [email protected] for more information.

Training features


  • Online testing
  • Highly interactive
  • Case studies
  • Online workbook
  • Competency based
  • Live videos
  • Completed certificate
  • Audit tracking system
  • Available on iPads, touch screens


  • Develop survival skills
  • User friendly
  • Reduce post trauma
  • Enhance your safety
  • Learn skills to assist the Police
  • Heightened your awareness
  • Add to C.V. and resume
  • Qualified training results
  • Available anytime, anywhere