Empower your staff to cope with armed robbery

It is vital to prepare staff with the confidence and ability to cope with violence. Being untrained creates the risk of mistakes that can cost a life or cause serious injury to staff and customers.

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Watch video footage of a live armed robbery

Robbery skills training

One of the most important benefits of training is that it provides for staff motivation and skills inside your organization, which enhances safety and reduces the overall cost of any operation.

Proven to maximize employee safety and assist them to fully recover from post-trauma, this cutting edge training is delivered online and is available 24/7 globally.

Highly interactive and user friendly, the course comprises of live robberies, instructional videos, case studies, assessments and a certificate on successful course completion. A off-line workbook can also be downloaded with the course to keep the training alive.

Statistics show us that victims are injured in a robbery because;

  • People Resist 45%
  • They try to be heroes 26%
  • Other (sudden movement, etc) 29%

Robbery is the cause of multiple deaths, injuries and employee trauma and can devastate a profitable business. Legal fees, litigation cost, fines, loss of good employees and deflated public confidence can have a huge impact on any organization subjected to robbery. Approximately every 60 seconds, a robbery occurs in the U.S.

Uniquely designed, the training uses very specific and powerful psychological methods, empowering staff to develop vital skills to remain calm and cope with violence. In some countries and States, robbery training is mandatory to comply with OHSA requirements.

Investing in this training is essential in maximizing employee and customer safety. With over 500,000 staff already trained globally, the benefits are proven.

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Training features


  • Online testing
  • Cost effective
  • Highly interactive
  • Case studies
  • Online workbook
  • Competency based
  • Instructional videos
  • Audit tracking system
  • Available on iPads, touch screens


  • Develop survival skills
  • Tax deductible
  • User friendly
  • Reduce post-trauma
  • Enhance staff safety
  • Learn skills to assist Police
  • Heightened staff awareness
  • Qualified training results
  • Available anytime, anywhere