Robbery prevention seminars

Globally, robbery accounts for one third of all serious crime reported. Since 1989, our unique training seminars have assisted organizations to maximize their staffs safety and reduce the risk of robbery.

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Robbery prevention seminars

Proven robbery, hold up training

It is well established and documented that the organizations implementing our robbery survival skills training have effectively maximized staff safety and reduced costs associated with robbery and violence.

Ban Crime has been conducting robber survival skills seminars for over 23 years and offers organizations three (3) unique seminars:

1. Half day seminar. For all staff required to develop skills to enhance safety in the event of a robbery and that meets the organization’s OSHA requirements;

2. Full day seminar. For managers and staff who have supervisory roles and are required by their organization to meet additional responsibilities, and

3. Two day seminar. For organizational trainers who deliver robbery training to their organizations staff.

We can arrange for seminars to be conducted globally and for further information on your specific requirements, please contact us.

Training features


  • Competency based
  • Cost effective
  • Practical exercises
  • Workbook
  • Case studies
  • Study actual robberies
  • Instruction videos
  • Role-plays and scenarios


  • How to remain calm
  • Heightened staff awareness
  • Controlling adrenaline
  • Understanding police and media
  • How to obey and communicate
  • Maximize and customer staff safety
  • Develops staff skills
  • Reduce risk of post-trauma