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    905 12th Avenue Prospect Park Pennsylvania PA 19076

    Contract and Operational professional with 20+ years' experience managing complex, geographically diverse organizations, employees, and operations.

    Skilled negotiator and manager of multi-million dollar contracts with expertise in new business development, marketing, and P&L oversight.

    Significant expertise in a variety of municipal, state, and federal compliance requirements for health operations.

    At the HAMILTON GROUP, an ongoing entity - Michael has had complete oversight on a multitude of high level, multi-million dollar projects. The lead on Business Development, with core strengths focused around Contracting, Operations, and Marketing, Michael developed three companies from Inception to Sale.

    Working in the corporate environment, Michael has led a business to business development program at two Fortune 20 Companies that procured 1.1 million lives and generated over $5.4 million in sales and $2.2 million in margin on a monthly basis. He has developed 30 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for enhanced compliance and operational accountability, and was responsible for all procurement of supplies and real estate.

    Key experiences include responsibility for all aspects of contracting worth over $1.5 billion per annum, providing regulatory and compliance oversight for start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies, and managing a sales force of 435 commissioned brokers.