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  • Michael Murtagh

    Ban Crime Global Limied Global President
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    Michael Murtagh

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    10 Mahana Road Ngatea 3503

    In 1989, while working as a police officer, Michael was the victim of a potentially fatal stabbing. The incident was life changing, seeing Michael develop skills based programs to help victims of violence maximize their safety during a confrontation and fully recover from the effects of post-trauma.

    “My situation, over many years, lead me to discover unique skills based secrets that enhance the well-being of people exposed to robbery and other crimes of violence. I am excited that today's technology allows me to share these skills globally”.

  • Opsec Limited

    Jack Milford Director
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    Opsec Limited

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    PO Box 30010 Lower Hutt 5010

    Distributor and Trainer of BANCRIME Specialisation: Armed Robbery Prevention and Management

    Conflict De-escalation and Management

    Executive Personal Protection Specialist

    Security Vetting and Site Audits

    Private Inquiries and Investigations

    High Risk Security Operations

    Covert Surveillance & Counter-surveillance

    Undercover Operations

    Defensive Security and 4x4 Driving Skills

    Training Facilitator and Deliverer in all above

    Jack committed 20 years service to the NZ Army and attained the rank of Warrant Officer First Class. During his earlier years Jack developed his skills to become a leader within a special tactical reconnaissance team. In the latter years he became a training commander in unarmed combat, outdoor pursuits and physical fitness with his last four years as a manager and advisor to the army in these areas.

    In 1994 Jack joined the NZ Police service and was initially employed as a self defence and physical fitness instructor. In August 1995, he became a sworn officer and completed his training in general duties and basic investigation. Soon after, he was selected as a member of the Armed Offenders Squad and the anti-terrorist team known as the Special Tactics Group. Nine years in the service saw him directly involved in high risk operations and arrests. Here he developed advanced skills in anti-terrorism tactics, personal care, security auditing and surveillance.

  • Roger Bull

    Red Circle Wholesale CSB Group Director
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    Roger Bull


    Stortford Corner Pakowhai Road Hastings 4153