Violent robbery in Thailand jewelry store

In a small market place in Thailand, a jewelry shop has become popular in the area. However this popularity has caused a number of theft incidents and armed robberies to occur in the past two years. The managers of the shop have finally decided to install a set of security cameras for their protection as well as the protection of the customers and products. Their investment turned out to be a very smart step to take as we will see from the incident below.

On an ordinary business day, and after the installation of the security cameras system, the surveillance video shows three young men who calmly entered the store. It appears that they have a piece of jewelry that they want to exchange for a better design. They approach the jewelry counter but one can clearly see that their attention lies elsewhere. They suspiciously look around casing the store. The transaction is completed without incident. Before the men leave the store they continue to chat in a low voice while looking at every corner of the store, especially the jewelry displays behind clerks. The men finally exit the store quietly, only to return a few minutes later, but this time they were all wearing masks and two of them were armed with AK 47s.

One can clearly see from the video that the only difference between the previous three men and the later is the masks and the guns; they never even bothered to change their clothes. In order to quickly grab the attention of everybody in the store and make them surrender without resistance they fire wildly near the direction of the customers, the terrified workers ducked for cover. The bullets missed one of the attendants by inches as she quickly ducked her head under the jewelry cases. As the two armed bandits continued to guard the entrance and unleash a rain of terror on the customer and attendants, the other unarmed thief grabbed the gold the gold from every location that he could get his hands on.

One can also realize form the surveillance video that the two armed accomplices eased the job of their third friend by shooting the glass jewelry cases so that the third thief can quickly grab the gold without having to break the glass first. Surprisingly this life-time seaming ordeal took only 45 seconds to occur. The gun wielding gangsters escaped the store with jewelry valued at close to eighty thousand US dollars but at least no one is injured in this vicious surprise attack. Furthermore, due to the stupidity of these bandits the police was quickly able to identify them from the earlier recorded surveillance video when they first came into the store unmasked. They were later captured and the jewelry was safely returned to the store. The security cameras proved to deserve every penny that was spent on them. And this is the case with all security cameras; they continue to pay for their price over and over again by preventing attacks and corrupting the evil schemes of criminals for years on.