Violent Georgetown armed robbery

Georgetown Police say armed robberies are on the rise in Georgetown, and the latest robbery turned violent.

Things at this Georgetown gas station are back to normal today. Last night police say a situation quickly turned violent for an attendant at the Swifty on Paris Pike.

“A man walked up and asked for cigarettes and when Marty turns around, he goes to the cigarette case and opens the cigarette case and asked him what kind and when he did that the dude busted him in the head with a tire iron,” said employee William Bruin.

Bruin says the man only got away with 60 or 70 bucks from his co-worker.

"It's pretty bad," said Bruin.

And pretty scary, Bruin says the suspect didn't hesitate turning to violence.

“He busted him open and he had to get five staples in his head. I was over there when I seen the cops pulling in so I came over here to check on him,” said Bruin.

Police say following the armed robbery the man ran back behind the store towards a Little Caesar’s Pizza.

“One of the stores behind there captured surveillance video of him running away,” said Lt. Robert Swanigan.

Police say the robber was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with a yellow skeleton logo similar to this one on the back.

"Our response time to this was superb we were there within less than a minute," said Bruin.

Georgetown police say this is the fifth armed robbery to occur in the past few months.

“This is the first time where somebody’s actually received a pretty significant injury like that,” said Lt. Swanigan.

Swanigan says they've increased patrols.

“We're trying to provide more saturated patrol to the areas where we know things like this could happen,” he said.

Police say crooks are getting bolder this latest incident happened during the gas station’s peak business hours.
“Surely somebody else within the area saw this man either walking into the store or running from the store. “

If you have any information you are asked to call Georgetown Police.