The threat of armed robbery and who is at risk

Fact Sheet - Dealing with the threat of armed robbery - advice for employees
Armed robbery: who's at risk?

Any business handling cash, whether large or small, in town or country, is at risk from armed robbery. So are premises where drugs are stored, or easily convertible items such as liquor and cigarettes.

If you work in such a business, it's essential to take common-sense measures to protect yourself from armed hold-up. You also need to know how to conduct yourself should an armed hold-up occur.

This fact sheet has some basic information to help, but it is not intended as a substitute for the training you should receive from your employer.
Employers' responsibilities

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, employers are required to have procedures in place for dealing with significant hazards such as armed robbery. The procedures should address:

Ongoing processes for identifying, assessing, controlling, and monitoring hazards;
Protecting the premises;
Security of cash and/or drugs, and/or other valuables;
Key control;
Opening and closing routines;
Access to the premises;
Training and supervision of staff on safety measures relating to armed robbery;
Using and maintaining security equipment;
Action to be taken in the event of a robbery;
Helping staff after a robbery;
Liaising with the police.

Employers must provide staff with information and training in these procedures. Employers also have a duty to involve employees in these and other health and safety matters.