The Ban Crime system of identification of suspects and robbers

2011 statistics show that nearly 1000 violent robberies occur daily in the U.S., with only 27% of offenders being apprehended.

Robbers are identified through various means, such as finger-print evidence, CCTV and sound Police investigation methods; however it is recognized that most offenders are caught because of the information provided to the Police by victim and witness description. Unfortunately many descriptions have been corrupted by perceptions and/or the lack of a system that would allow victims and witnesses to confirm accuracy.

For example;

A famous American experiment to test the reliability of witnesses involved showing several hundred people a picture of two men arguing in a crowded railway carriage. One man was black, the other white. When asked to describe the scene, about thirty per cent of the subjects, without prompting, said that the black man had been holding a knife. When subjects were actually prompted with the question, “Who had the knife?” about seventy per cent said that the black man had. In fact, neither man had a knife. The experiment was conducted in the American North-East at a time when black youths were armed with knives and causing trouble on New York’s public transport system and receiving considerable media attention. That attention had influenced the perception of many of the experiment’s subjects.

To increase description accuracy, the Police need to provide the public and the business community with an ‘easy to use’ system that will bring about the coordination and confirmation of information that would enhance the chances of criminal apprehension.

Each letter of the phrase ‘BAN CRIME’ provides information that the Police require. It provides the user with a powerful and positive psychological message.

In today’s world, law enforcement needs effective tools to create public awareness and reduce apathy towards criminal action. The ‘BAN CRIME’ system of identification can help to achieve this to achieve these vital areas.

Using our system of identification has resulted in many organizations saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in crime related losses. Providing the general public access to the system can realize enormous benefits, some of which are;

• Community groups working together with law enforcement to ban crime
• Using the system to teach children on crime prevention with the use of ‘Ban Crime’ games and competitions
• Designer Ban Crime merchandise to enhance crime prevention and awareness
• Using the system to develop a closer relationship the law enforcement and the public, i.e. Ban Crime meetings and school education programs.

Yearly, crime takes billions of dollars out of our community. It devastates families, reduces job opportunities, creates higher service and merchandise costs and erodes morale and confidence.

Ban Crime Global invites government and law enforcement agencies to consider implementing our ‘BAN CRIME’ philosophy into your environment.

The system can be branded to each agencies requirements. For further inquiries please email to: [email protected]