Knife is weapon of choice in shop robbery

How many robbery stories and cases have you heard about? Well, if you do look back and think about it, you may have heard a lot of those. In fact, it is one of those crimes that you often hear about. The list includes hold ups, muggings, shoplifting, and hit and runs. And you do not have to look far when it comes to such because you have heard it that often on the news and even in national papers and even local newspapers.

When it comes to robberies, what do you think is the most common weapon used? For a lot, you would hear about people using guns. Guns can be bought easily on the streets if you do know where to look. The numbers are just shaved off so as to not be able to trace the owner. Most often, these guns are stolen from their real owners and are then sold for a much lower cost in the market. They say that using guns to do a crime is easy because you do not have to be close to a victim or to a person to use it. With just one squeeze of the trigger, you do know how deadly it can be.

Now for this one man who tried to rob a shop, his weapon of choice is a knife. Perhaps this is because he does need to have the money badly and he does not have a gun to use. This is probably the reason why the knife seemed to be the right one to use for his purpose, as bad as it may be. As they say, a man in need of something real bad will use even the most mundane thing as a weapon.

The robbery happened in Europe and to be able to get the money that he needs from that shop, he had gotten close to an assistant. Then, when he was close enough, he used his strength to bring in the assistant and then held the knife on his throat. Sure, that can be quite frightening and those handling the cash would definitely hand it over. The robber was able to escape and has not yet been identified. The knife used can perhaps be a military bowie knife and not a custom bowie knife. But that is just speculation. As of present, the authorities are looking for the robber and it was also a good thing that the assistant who had had a knife pressed against his throat did not suffer any injuries.