Casino robberies in France

It seems that French casinos have become the target of armed bandits. Reports on the latest robbery are coming out of France and revealing that the thieves may be taking a lot of risk for what may not be a lot of loot. This week four armed men burst into a casino in Dunkerque, France. (That is Dunkirk, France to Brits and Americans.) The casino wasn’t overly busy at the time of the robbery with only fifty players and about twenty staff in the building. The robbers were after the loot in the casino’s safes and assaulted some of the staff in their attempt to get to it. But a manager finally convinced them that the safes were on time locks and no one in the casino had the ability to open them. The thieves then took off with about 7,000 Euros from the casino and jumped into a getaway car driven by a fifth man. So they had what amounts to about $12,000 to split five ways.

The police have already arrested at least 2 men in connection with this robbery and are looking to see if there is a connection between it and other recent casino robberies in the area. The casinos are becoming known as easy targets in the area since they are less well guarded than banks, armored cars and other facilities with lots of funds on hand. Casino owners are wondering if armed guards on the grounds might help cut down on attacks and keep them and their customers safer