Arrest of two men ends terrifying string of bank robberies

Colorado Springs police say they've arrested the men responsible for a string of violent and terrifying bank robberies.

Police say the arrests of 30-year-old Daryl Keener and 28-year-old Gary Cyprian on March 8 and police say culminated three months of investigations and eight bank robberies which began on December 28, 2010.

Police say Keener and Cyprian were responsible for the following bank robberies:
1. 12/28/10 9:45 AM
Academy Bank
2835 Briargate Bl

2. 1/10/11 11:10 AM
American National Bank
4194 Royal Pine Dr

3. 1/15/11 9:45 AM
TCF Bank
5470 E Woodmen Rd

4. 1/22/11 12:20 PM
TCF Bank
4330 N Academy Bl

5. 2/1/11 9:06 AM
People’s National Bank
6830 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Fountain

6. 2/28/11 10:16 AM
American National Bank
3755 Briargate Pkwy

7. 3/3/11 12:20 PM
Key Bank
1115 Elkton Dr

8. 3/8/11 10:30 AM
Air Academy Credit Union
705 N Nevada Av

Police say bank tellers at these eight banks were terrorized by the suspects, one of whom who would enter the bank, gun in hand, and give commands to everyone inside while a second suspect waited in a nearby getaway vehicle.

Police say that although no one was physically injured, the victims suffered significant psychological and emotional trauma. The heists put everyone, including banking customers, on high alert.

As the pattern persisted, members of the CSPD Robbery Unit joined forces with the CSPD Tactical Enforcement Unit and the local FBI office to combat the problem proactively, with an established response in place.

On March 3, critical evidence was discovered, which would lead to the identification of the two suspects, Keener and Cyprian, who were both on parole. Keener was in jail for 2003 bank robberies and Cyprian for other felonies. Police say they learned that the two men spent most of their time together; they were co-workers and workout partners.

Police say the investigation came to an end on March 8 when the Air Academy Credit Union branch on N. Nevada Avenue, was robbed by a masked gunman. Investigators recognized this heist as part of the pattern they were investigating.

Leads sent detectives to 2110 Collier Avenue, where the suspects were seen leaving in two vehicles. Detectives found both men in separate locations, each with a large amount of money. Search warrants were obtained for two residences: 2110 Collier Ave. and 1810 Monterey Dr. #313.

On March 10, a third location, a detached garage at 1015 E. Rio Grande St. was discovered. The house itself is rented to tenants who do not use the garage, which is adjacent to the alleyway. An investigation showed the garage belonged to a family member of Daryl Keener.

Police say Keener has used the garage for several years, dating back at least to the early 2000s. The garage was searched and four semi-automatic weapons were recovered: a Glock .45 auto handgun, a Glock .40 caliber handgun, a Beretta .40 caliber assault style carbine, and an FN brand 5.7 millimeter assault carbine, along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition."

In addition to the arrests of Keener and Cyprian, police say they've made three other arrests in the following bank robberies from 2011:

1. 1/21/2011 8:45 AM
Colorado Capital Bank
2 S Cascade Av
Arrested: Aaron James Rasco, 21 yoa

2. 1/27/2011 11:54 AM
Aventa Credit Union
426 S Cascade Av
Arrested: Michael Radecky, 37 yoa

3. 2/16/2011 9:20 AM
Wells Fargo
1800 S Nevada Av
Arrested: Gullick Arthur Springen, 50 yoa

Police say the community can rest assured knowing 100 percent of the city’s bank robberies in 2011 have ended in an arrest.