84 year old fights off home invaders

An 84-year old man took on two armed intruders, who broke into his Port Macquarie house, over the weekend.

At around 2:00am (ADST) on Saturday morning two men armed with a hammer, metal pole and kitchen knife woke the sleeping man.

They demanded money from him, and a fight ensued.

Constable Simone Catorall said as he tried to get out of bed he was hit with the pole and pushed to the ground, but he fought back.

"The elderly man attempted to get up, became involved in a fight with the other man," she said.

"He was armed with a knife and a hammer.

"Now they both fell to the floor and the man was able to break the blade off the knife.

"As the offender tried to strike him with the hammer the elderly man stabbed the offender in the stomach.

"He then was able to disarm the offender with the pole and used it to defend himself.

"The offenders were chased from the home and they only made off with the man's wallet."

Police say the hunt is continuing for the two offenders.